March 24, 2013

New Jack in the City

|Hat: BCBG| Shades: BCBG| Fur Circle Scarf: H&M| Chambray Shirt: Zara| Jacket: B Collection| Pants: Trina Turk| Shoes: Charles Jourdan|
Cecilia Joseph- owner of Vigilare
Home: Bronx, NY
Photos taken in Harlem
Aspiring streetwear designer Cecilia Joseph is currently developing her own line of hats and apparel. Her brand, geared towards female empowerment and the strength found in the love of one's self will be used as a driver of her strong love for style and all things "pretty". Her brand will serve as representative for the power of the "V".
Ironically, we would say to "keep an eye out for her", but Vigilare says it all! In italian Vigilare means to "keep watch".
Please contact for inquiries.
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Cashmere Thoughts

|Hat: Vintage| Coat: Fabrixquare (Online Boutique)| Cape: Juicy Couture Bird Line| Jeans: H&M| Boots: Ralph Lauren| Gloves: Vintage| Watch: Daniel Steiger| Scarf: Model's own|
Cedric Washington- Co-owner of 'LaVi Lifestyle Group'
Home: Bronx, New York
Photos taken in Tribeca
Please contact for inquiries.
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The Bronx' Most Wanted

|Coat: Vintage| Blazer: Ralph Lauren| Shirt: JCrew| Tie: Kenneth Cole| Pants: JCrew| Shoes: Aldo| Gloves: Vintage| Watch: Fossil| Hat: Street Vendor|
Nelson Baltazar- Stylist
Home: Bronx, New York
Photos taken in the Bronx and Washington Heights
In search of new ways to express his creativity, Nelson Baltazar has broken into the fashion industry as stylist to celebrities such as Peter Hadar, Chris Scholar for Häckerstorfer (an Austrian jewelry line), and Philip Lim (for his 2011 lookbook). His personal style icons include Sammy Davis Jr., Andre 3000, and Marvin Gaye. His love for his boro is made evident shortly after meeting him, and he remains grounded with a sense of humor that isn't easily ignored. Enjoy!
Please email for inquiries.
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March 11, 2013

Bringing London to New York

| Leather Jacket: Zara| Sweater: Ignorant Paris| Jeans: TopShop Man| Loafers: Alee Abadani| 5 Panel Hat: Mint|
London McFadden- owner of 'Ignorant Paris'
Home: Brooklyn
Photos taken in New York, NY
Please contact for any inquiries.
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Queen of Queens

Peculiar Artistry in Flushing Meadows Park
|Beanie: Ebay| Leather Contrast Jacket: Zara| Graphic Tee: Yes Style| Denim Shirt: H&M Men| Leather Shorts: Zara| Boots:Marc Fisher| Bag: Alexander Wang| Chunky Necklace: Vintage Givenchy| Gold Bar Necklaces: Gabby's own design| Assorted Rings: Etsy| Sunglasses: OAK| Lipstick: MAC Russian Red|
Gabby Mata- Jewelry Enthusiast
Home: East Elmhurst, Queens
Photos taken in Flushing Meadows Park

Please email for Inquiries.
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March 04, 2013

A Tranquil Walk...

Peculiar Artistry on Roosevelt Island NYC
|Jacket: Vintage| Hoodie: H&M| Shirt: ASOS|Pants:Vintage Ralph Lauren| Socks: Club Monaco| Shoes: American Apparel| Sunglasses: Vintage| Wooden Beaded Bracelet: A/E| Amber Bead Bracelet: Toni Moreno| Gold Ring: Vintage| Gold Bracelet: Cartier| Book Bag: Y3|
Cedel Washington of 'LaVi Lifestyle Group'
Home: Bronx, New York
Photos taken on Roosevelt Island

If you ask Cedel what his passion is, he will tell you that he's an artist first. With skills ranging from music producer, graphic designer, stylist, and dancer, it's safe to say that he owns a broad field of artistic talents. In the process of developing LaVi Lifestyle Group with his brothers, there's no limit to what can be expected in the near future.
Favorite Quote:
"The goal of an artist is to create the definitive work that cannot be surpassed"- George Bernard Shaw

Please contact for any inquiries.

Follow him on InstaGram: @CeLavi3

March 03, 2013

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves...

Hey there!

Welcome to Peculiar Artistry. We're a couple of young, stylish individuals that dreamt of making a style blog unlike the rest. Our mission is to capture and highlight an individuals personal style statement and act as a platform for their talents and creativity. As New Yorkers, we love to promote our city (we can't help it) so a majority of our shots will be taken right here on the streets of the Apple- BUT our travels may lead us to a town near you!

"Good new art may not look like art. Inspiration doesn't follow style, it CREATES it." -Darby Bannard