August 25, 2013

Artist First!

His name is Righteous P. This young man's artwork speaks volumes without the need for words- but here we are describing it to you anyway! Each of his experiences in life added another notch to his belt and to the prism of his self-expression. Teaching art to Harlem school children and a spontaneous move to Atlanta are a couple of the life altering experiences that have inspired some of his artwork. Two of his biggest artistic inspirations include Salvador Dali and Hebrew Bradley. The way that an artist portrays what he's creating may be perceived in a multitude of ways to his viewers, but according to him "Art isn't really that deep, yet it IS that deep".
 P has had an appreciation for Native American artwork since childhood, with a respect for the use of color ways and the overall cultural influences found in the pieces. He also loves Hindi art work because of the intense attention to detail, noting that everything found in their pieces are there for a reason. "It all means something."
While his entire being is that of an artist, his daily grind is that of a tattooist. The creative line-work and imaginative essence of his artwork are further portrayed through the pieces that he inks. P's goal is to spread a sense of joy through his artwork feeling satisfied with a drawing making someone smile. Like the legendary Bob Marley (<3) and Peter Tosh,  his goal is to leave a legacy behind that will go down in history as an inspiration and source of hope to those who need it.
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August 19, 2013

Wintour Wonderland...

If you don't already know her, first off we're shocked- BUT let us be the first to introduce you to Ms. Kaysy Gotay! This young lady has taken the fashion world by storm, and we have no doubt that she's soon to be a well known name in the industry. With experience working at numerous fashion houses, Kaysy believes in carving your own future. And please believe that she knows what her future holds. She won't have it any other way.

Many of you may know and love her from her Twitter exclamations and InstaGram beauty shots, but her new website is the icing on the cake. Get a taste for her artistic abilities, her photogenic presence, and a peek into her thoughts. Her plans are endless and we look forward to what she has in store!

We interviewed Kaysy JUST so we could share her awesomeness with you all- so ENJOY! And visit her website at ASAP!


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August 17, 2013

Color Me Beautiful!

As we all know, one of the hardest things to trust someone with is our mane. Fortunately, Peculiar Artistry has found the answer to your prayers! Miss Barri Gibson. Don't let her appearance fool you because this bandanna-rocking, flat- iron-toting bombshell is serious about hair! With over 12 years of styling under her belt, you're guaranteed to leave her chair happy.
Barri begun braiding hair as a young girl. She worked in multiple salons, and after graduating college, attended the Aveda Institute here in NY. Some of her favorites are short hair styles, pressing, and COLOR! She tries EVERY color on herself (See below). She's knowledgeable beyond her years and takes pride in pleasing each and every client.
Her ability to work with the many personalities that she comes across and keep up with hair trends are some of the strengths that she will no doubt take with her into her own salon- which she assures us will be accommodating to everyone regardless of age, race, and class. We look forward to the opening of her salon in the near future, but in the mean time if you're in the New Jersey area you should be on the phone booking an appointment now... Like right now!
For appointments, call (973)763-5921 and ask for Barri
More Than Perfect Barbershop and Salon
319 South Orange Avenue in South Orange, New Jersey
 Follow her on InstaGram: @RubyRedRoots
We spent a day with Barri and some of her clients!

August 14, 2013

A Meeting at the Barrelhouse...

Ashani Allick- founder of 'Barrelhouse Brooklyn'

If you aren't already familiar with him, you definitely will be soon. Ashani has already left a huge imprint on the underground hip-hop world here in New York and doesn't plan to stop there. A seemingly simple concept produced one of the top local media outlet sites today. His efforts have opened doors not only for himself, but for his peers- and he continues to take steps toward building his brand. Don't let his humble demeanor fool you; he's a man on a mission! He's a representative for young movers and shakers with a strong desire to inspire and be inspired- So meet him at the barrelhouse. You'll be glad you did!

Learn about Ashani's journey, his brand, and his future plans in this exclusive interview- and while you're at it, check out


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