August 25, 2013

Artist First!

His name is Righteous P. This young man's artwork speaks volumes without the need for words- but here we are describing it to you anyway! Each of his experiences in life added another notch to his belt and to the prism of his self-expression. Teaching art to Harlem school children and a spontaneous move to Atlanta are a couple of the life altering experiences that have inspired some of his artwork. Two of his biggest artistic inspirations include Salvador Dali and Hebrew Bradley. The way that an artist portrays what he's creating may be perceived in a multitude of ways to his viewers, but according to him "Art isn't really that deep, yet it IS that deep".
 P has had an appreciation for Native American artwork since childhood, with a respect for the use of color ways and the overall cultural influences found in the pieces. He also loves Hindi art work because of the intense attention to detail, noting that everything found in their pieces are there for a reason. "It all means something."
While his entire being is that of an artist, his daily grind is that of a tattooist. The creative line-work and imaginative essence of his artwork are further portrayed through the pieces that he inks. P's goal is to spread a sense of joy through his artwork feeling satisfied with a drawing making someone smile. Like the legendary Bob Marley (<3) and Peter Tosh,  his goal is to leave a legacy behind that will go down in history as an inspiration and source of hope to those who need it.
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P's Arm Tattoos. He calls her his "girlfriend"
P's tattoo work

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