August 19, 2013

Wintour Wonderland...

If you don't already know her, first off we're shocked- BUT let us be the first to introduce you to Ms. Kaysy Gotay! This young lady has taken the fashion world by storm, and we have no doubt that she's soon to be a well known name in the industry. With experience working at numerous fashion houses, Kaysy believes in carving your own future. And please believe that she knows what her future holds. She won't have it any other way.

Many of you may know and love her from her Twitter exclamations and InstaGram beauty shots, but her new website is the icing on the cake. Get a taste for her artistic abilities, her photogenic presence, and a peek into her thoughts. Her plans are endless and we look forward to what she has in store!

We interviewed Kaysy JUST so we could share her awesomeness with you all- so ENJOY! And visit her website at ASAP!


Follow her on InstaGram: @TheBlackWintour_

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